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Repainting? Change Your Vent Grilles, Too

The great thing about having your own home is that you can design it however you like. Your own unique style can be reflected in your color choices, furniture arrangement, and even the placement of art. But even with these major choices, it’s the little details that really pull the look together.

When it comes to repainting, you should be mindful of where your HVAC vent grilles are placed on the wall. Putting tape around the edges of the grille is one way to try and protect them from paint splatters and mishaps, but it is not a foolproof solution. Instead, you should completely remove the grille from the wall and put on a new one once the paint has dried. Keep on reading for our step-by-step instructions!

Step 1: Remove the grille

Once you have your fresh can of paint and you’re ready to repaint, you’re going to start by removing the existing grille that is currently on your wall. Using a screwdriver, remove the screws from the grille and place them safely to the side. Once all the screws are removed, you can gently pry off the grille from the wall.

Step 2: Sand the area

Now that the grille is removed from the wall, the next step is to sand the area. To do this, take your preferred wall sanding tool and go over the area just outside the hole. Doing this will smooth the surface and take out any ridges created by the previous layer of paint. Once you’ve sanded the wall down to your liking, give it a quick wipe to remove any sand and dust particles.

Step 3: Paint

Now, this is the fun part. With the grille is removed and the wall nice and smooth, it’s time to paint! You’re going to cover the newly sanded area with paint. Take your roller and paint right over the edge of the vent hole. Once you’ve gone over the entire area with a nice layer of paint, go back and do one more coat to make sure it is even.

You’re going to want to wait until the paint dries to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Put on your new grille

Time for the finishing touches. 

Once the paint has dried completely, you can put your new grille on the wall. To do this, simply place the grille in position and screw it back to the wall with your screwdriver. Once you’re done, you can sit back and admire your newly painted room!

If you’re planning on repainting soon, make sure you also replace your vent grille. We’ve got a brand new aluminum double deflector that looks great with any wall! This is the perfect blend of style, form, and function. It is made of high quality, commercial-grade, rigid aluminum, and its sturdy construction provide noise-free operation. Not only is this diffuser solidly constructed, but it has a beautiful powder coat finish. 

If you paint it, change it!

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