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Five Inventive Ways to Spruce up Your Interior Decor

Does your living space need a makeover but you haven’t got the time or the budget? No problem — a healthy dose of ingenuity and creativity is all it takes to reinvent your interior without breaking the bank!

Here are five of our favorite ways to spruce up your living space:


1. Rearrange your furniture


One of the easiest ways to refresh and enliven your space is to rearrange your existing furniture. This could mean something as simple as angling your dining room table differently, to swapping out your furniture altogether and replacing it with pieces from other rooms! 


If you’re pedantic about decor, you may want to sketch your plans beforehand and get a second opinion from your partner or a friend for new ideas. The Spruce has some helpful tips on making the most of what you already have:


  • Pick a point of focus, such as a fireplace, a window, or your entertainment system.
  • Arrange your furniture into conversation areas (close enough that people don’t need to shout across the room!). If your living space is large, consider creating a few conversation areas.
  • Never push your furniture against the walls. Leaving just a small space between the wall and the backs of your furniture can actually make the room appear larger.
  • Incorporate a large coffee table to act as an ‘anchor’ around which you can place your other furniture. Make sure there is at least 18 inches of space between the table and surrounding furniture for comfort and foot traffic.


2. Bring the outdoors, indoors


Adding greenery to your home interior is a cost-effective method of rejuvenating a drab space. From using traditional pots that soften an interior to installing holders like wall planters or hanging baskets as focal points, you’ve got tons of options at your disposal. Here are some other novel ways of making your interior more natural:


  • A herb garden in your kitchen is not just aromatic, but handy too.
  • Plants like aloe, ferns, and orchids thrive in high humidity, making them ideal for your bathroom.
  • If you don’t have green fingers, then succulents and cacti may be for you. These types are more resilient, last longer and can typically thrive in environments that other plants may struggle in.  


When deciding on your greenery, make sure to chat to a professional for advice on which plants are suitable for rooms that use your HVAC system.


3. Go DIY


When in doubt — and your budget is required elsewhere — do it yourself! Crafting new, interesting pieces for your home’s interior is a simple way of coloring a living space with your unique style and personality. Take a look at these fun, inventive DIY ideas that are light on the wallet:


  • If a glass of wine and a good book are irresistible to you, why not store your corks until you have enough to create an upcycled cork placemat? You can find a step-by-step guide to make your own here.
  • Even something as mundane as laundry can be spruced up to enliven your space. Take this embroidery hoop hamper, for instance. All you need is a pillow case, a hook and screws, some twine, ribbon, and an embroidery hoop to make laundry a visually appealing affair.


4. Change your vents when you revamp or repaint 


Who knew something as simple as installing new vent covers could add so much character to a room when you’re repainting or revamping? 

Far from being an eyesore that detracts from aesthetics, your HVAC vents can actually inform and accent your chosen scheme. Here are two solid pieces of advice for keeping your grilles and vents aligned with interior aesthetics: 


  • Every time you paint, change them up for styles that complement the new palette. 
  • If you’re revamping a room, swap the grilles and vents out for statement pieces that match the new look, such as decorative vent covers.


Interested to see how that works in practice? Check out our ‘You Paint It, You Change It’ campaign.


5. Adapt or replace your existing HVAC grilles 


An interior refresh can be as simple as replacing or adapting your existing grilles to complement your decor:


  • If your vents have a boxed look, consider using Cube Core grilles or aluminum bars to give them a solid aesthetic.
  • Black and white color schemes are on-trend at the moment. To add this palette to your decor, use striking black grilles to stand-out from and complement white. Black grilles also come with the added benefit of hiding dust-lining and dirt better than their white counterparts. Check out our selection of black grilles here.
  • For your floor grilles, consider installing stylish Victorian register grilles to add classic style to your decor.
  • Wood grilles can also add natural elegance to any interior decor. Touch them up with shellac to enhance natural grain or paint them to complement other pieces in your rooms. 


Not the handy type? Consider going with a professional retailer


We get it — DIY isn’t for everyone. Between keeping office hours and spending quality time with the family, many of us don’t have the time to create a beautiful vent cover that complements and accentuates a home’s interior. 

This is why we’ve curated a diverse catalog of decorative vent covers. From air supply vents finished in redwood to brass Victorian floor register grilles, we’ve got your (grille and vent) needs covered! Find the ideal decorative vent cover for your home interior by browsing our selection here.

Should you need any guidance or information on anything HVAC-related, get in touch with an HVAC Premium consultant.

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